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United States
Current Residence: West Virginia
Favourite genre of music: Mostly Finnish metal or European bands
Favourite photographer: Lawson Clout {he's awesome and very sweet!}
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Favourite cartoon character: Mostly anime
Personal Quote: I am the official Dev peltier stalker.
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1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you

tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

Alrighty then, let's get this thing started.
First up... ten things about myself.

1.)  I have 1706 books (including my kids books and hubbys, from paperback to hardback) but that does not include ebooks
2.)   Currently in the process of writing a novel.  Little more than half way finished with a grand total of 107,472 words.  Seven more chapters to work on and it will be complete!
3.)  Proud owner of not one dachshund but four!  Warlock, Cynder, Simi, and my shadow Rock.  Love my four legged furry babies as much as I love my human sons!
4.)   If I could live in any book world I would totally leave this realm to live in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar world.  So interested in the Shin'a'in, the Hawkbrothers, and lets not forget the Companions! I would so want to meet one..and a gryphon!
5.)  I suffer from a very bad case of low self-esteem/self-doubt whatever clever name you wish to call it.
6.)   Given the opportunity (most likely the cash) the place I would so like to visit would be Scotland and Ireland....  perks would be seeing hunky scotsmen in kilts. I would just want to hear them speak their native gaelic so I can droooooooool
7.)  When talking about books a big no-no and taboo around me is mentioning Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey.  Sorry folks neither interest me and has earned my scorn. Absolutely hate the hype that both books have garnered...
8.)    Was born in the year of the fire dragon, and thus could be why I like to collect dragon things and enjoy dragon-themed books
9.)  I "do" own a kindle 3 (that I had won from a contest)  but I prefer actual books over digital ones.  Really dislike the drama involved with them, and plus, if I want to loan a friend/person a book in my collection I can without someone screaming "foul" or "frowned" upon.  Also I don't have to worry about taking a paperback in the bath with me
10.)  Have about eight/nine/ten different tarot cards (includes Pheonix cards and Oracle cards)

Questions asked from Iz...
1.)  What's your favorite book?  
Terrible question to ask a bookaholic because they could NEVER pinpoint one book... And I am the same way... Some of my favorites ARE "Phantom" by Susan Kay - you like Phantom of the Opera you have to read this one.  Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey (actually I like all the Valdemar books)

2.) Which would you rather lose; your hearing or your sight?  
Guess I would rather lose my hearing. It would be a bitch to try to write without my sight.

3.)  If you could have one thing given to you, what would it be?

4.) Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the sexiest of them all?  Carrageenan. LOLOLOL
5.) So everything is better with twins, right? If you had a twin, what would be your favorite activity with him or her?
Ummmm asides from kilt blowing? Dunno, maybe go book shopping. It's always fun having someone along when you go book shopping. Hanging out beause I am the loneliness person.
6.) What's one thing you hate about the place you live and one thing you love?
Not within walking distances to certain stores and etc.  One things I love... that I have some really cool neighbors. If I need a ride to the school to my kids my neighbor will take me... has taken me in emergency
7.) What's your favorite scent?
Lilacs they remind me of my grandmother who always loved me no matter what.
8.) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would instill confidence into myself.
9.) What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child OR the name of your imaginary friend?
Never had an imaginary friend... and the only stuffed animal that I can actually remember was a stuffed unicorn. Now my favorite toy was a Hawaiian Barbie named Miko.
10) So, how 'bout them Yankees?
Umm not into sports... so couldn't tell you...

Questions --
1.)  What is your greatest treasure?
2.)  If you could be reincarnated into any animal (even mythical) what would you choose?
3.)  If you could live for a day in any time period which would you choose? What aspect about that time period prompted your answer.
4.)  Most hated food?
5.)  Favorite band/musician?
6.)  What is your thoughts on the steampunk genre?
7.)   Who is your book boyfriend? For those that don't read, who is your movie boyfriend?
8.)  You were given 24 hours to live how would you choose to live during the last hours of your life?
9.)  Introvert or extrovert?
10.)  Half full or half empty
  • Listening to: Gypsy Lament - Inkubus Sukkubus
  • Reading: NO REST FOR THE WITCHES anthology
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

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